36 Below: The Arizona Speakeasy That Absolutely Everyone Is Talking About

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Is your life missing a scintillating, soul-salivating secret? Are you on a quest for the holy grail of cocktail bars, with an atmosphere you’d bottle and wear as perfume if you could? 

Enter 36Below, the Arizona speakeasy to rule them all. 

The Most Exclusive Arizona Speakeasy

Hidden beneath Sip Coffee and Beer in old town Scottsdale sits a glimmering oasis of spritzes and spirits. The underground Walipini greenhouse is fertile ground for innovation, where no combination is too bizarre. 

If you’re looking for underground bars in Scottsdale, AZ, your search ends here. Surrender to the secret indulgences of the speakeasy bar in Arizona, 36Below, where you can sip libations befitting a clandestine hideaway of the highest caliber. Pair any cocktail with a small bite and prepare to be transported to the realm of the transcendental. 

With a story inspired by creation myth, 36Below’s menu and atmosphere evoke fecundity, freedom, and far-reaching ideas. But, it’s not just a haven for cocktail-lovers. The menu features a hand-picked selection of wine (still and sparkling) and beer, and the non-alcoholic potions are given as much care as those spirited. 

Challenge your palate. Embrace your inner explorer. Find passion in a glass. Read on for a deep dive into the sorcery of 36Below’s menu. 


36Below’s offering of cocktails is downright erotic. Inspired by the 36th verse of Genesis, which describes a fertile land awaiting rain and caretakers to nourish the soil, 36Below’s menu is an answer to the blank slate of pre-creation. 

A menu laden with exotic fruits, sweets, and botanicals mimics the Eden of lore and its myriad fruits. If you can think of a fruit, it sneaks its way into a libation, subtly or otherwise. Even the coy crunch of jicama makes an appearance in the indulgent Garden of Gypsies, paired with butterfly pea flower-infused gin, genepy, mushroom reduction, celery root, and lemon. The drink embodies the ethos of 36Below: Where a garden awaits, one will grow.

For the sweets-lovers, the Seed of Innocence is sure to stimulate the salivary glands. A combination of horchata vodka, Licor 43, Mr. Black Coffee liqueur, oat milk, and Oreo cookie soil offers a sinfully sweet solution to any woes. 

The cocktail menu doesn’t spurn the whiskey-lovers in the room. The Gate to Eden boasts a Rittenhouse rye, rhubarb amaro, pineapple amaro, orgeat, grapefruit, and lemon. Sweet citrus (pineapple and lemon) with an inkling of tingling tartness (rhubarb and grapefruit) wearing a rye-scented perfume is an irresistible temptress.

These are only the highlights, but rest assured that the rest of the cocktail menu offers a kaleidoscope of Kodachrome. 


A hand-selected wine list is an object of beauty. American wines and fermentations from abroad mingle in an expatriate tango, and there’s something on this wine list for every taste. Reds, whites, rosés, and bubbles abound, and this wine list is a sommelier’s dream. 

Take the subtle sweetness of the Prisma sauvignon blanc. If chardonnay is too dry, but riesling is too sweet, sip on this glass of liquid gold to discover (or revisit) the wiles of white wine. 

36Below’s offering of reds is unmatched by any other speakeasy in Arizona. Their Napa Valley red blend is fermented velvet, and it’ll tempt you to buy a first-class ticket on the next flight to wine country. If you like your reds on the dry side, grace your taste buds with the malbec, a full-bodied bouquet of crimson charisma. 

While a less refined wine list would omit rosé, the same cannot be said for 36Below. Featuring pink delights of Oregonian and French origins, why not treat yourself with a glass of each? Will you side with the pink sunsets of the home country or surrender to the liquid sunsets of Provence?

Finally, no celebration is complete without bubbles. 36Below wouldn’t have it any other way. With a blanc de blanc, a cava, a sparkling rosé, and an authentic champagne (the crown jewel of the wine list), this broad spectrum of bubbles will take you around the world and back. 


If you thought the wine list was diverse, enter the beer menu. With a brew for every palate, 36Below caters to the amateur cicerone and brewery rookies alike. For devotees to the hoppy head, sip on the Abnormal pale ale or the Almanac hazy IPA. If you’ve not experienced the head rush of a full-bodied pale ale, 36Below is an excellent locale for your first sip.

Beer lovers that crave a milder taste that doesn’t skimp on nuance will adore the ale selection. Ommegang’s amber ale and Hitachino Nest’s white ale are yin and yang, offering subtleties of flavor, texture, and aftertaste. The pilsner from Phoenix local Greenwood Brewing is one of the most impressive brews on the list, showcasing that Arizona’s brewery scene is a force to be reckoned with. 

But, a beer list wouldn’t be complete without a sweet and sour. For the former, Bivouac Ciderworks’ rose cider will tickle the taste buds with a bubbly, tart treat. For the latter, sour lovers will rejoice: Second Chance’s Fistful of Gummies is in a league of its own and will seduce you into the sticky embrace of sour beers. 

36 below arizona speakeasy
36 Below: Underground bars Scottsdale, AZ

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Being the designated driver has never been so sexy. If you think 36Below only shows the boozy beverages love, think again. The non-alcoholic cocktail menu is just as inspired as its counterpart, and even though its spirits won’t intoxicate you, its flavors will. 

The Straightedge Spritz is a citrus explosion that avoids the temptation of the basic lemon-lime combo. Indulge in sugary bliss with the Pink Lady, an altar to all things sweet and pink. Lastly, don’t sleep on The Grove, a bold combination of energizing ginger, sultry vanilla, and unapologetic peach. 

Why should the drinkers have all the fun? 36Below’s non-alcoholic cocktails embody the innovation of truly marvelous mixology. 

A Feast For the Senses

36Below is more than just an Arizona speakeasy. If you found us by Googling “speakeasy Arizona,” or “speakeasy bar Arizona,” trust us: We’re more than just a search engine result. 

Our menu is a true feast for the senses, and our atmosphere is unlike any other you’ve seen or heard. Our cocktail menu, wine list, beer selection, and non-alcoholic cocktails are a testament to our mission. We’re turning the Scottsdale bar scene on its head, kicking it to the curb, and making spirits sublime again. 

There’s only one way to experience what we’re about. Enter a new realm at 36Below, the speakeasy in arizona located below Sip Coffee and Beer, in old town Scottsdale.