Garden of Gypsies: A Mushroom Cocktail that will Blow Your Mind

Mushroom-infused cocktails are the latest trendy cocktail ingredient making their way through bars across the United States. They combine traditional liquors and mixers with nutty, earthy, sweet, and briny mushroom flavors to enhance the flavor pairings present in the drink. 

Garden of Gypsies is one such cocktail. 

From the minds of the brilliant mixologists at 36 Below, a trendy drink spot in Scottsdale, Arizona, this one-of-a-kind mushroom-infused cocktail is not something to be missed. 

It rises above its mushroom cocktail brethren with its truly unique flavor; the earthy notes of the jicama and mushroom reduction balanced with the light, crisp notes from the celery root and lemon create a delightfully balanced tasting experience. 

Its ingredient list features flavors that err on the savory side, so if your sweet tooth never fully developed, this is the cocktail for you. 

Garden of Gypsies Ingredients 

Garden of Gypsies is made with six ingredients: 

  • Butterfly Pea Flower Infused Tanqueray 10 Gin
  • Genepy
  • Mushroom Reduction
  • Jicama
  • Celery Root
  • Lemon 

Let’s take a look at each of these ingredients in more detail to see how they work together to give this mushroom cocktail its signature taste. 

Butterfly Pea Flower Infused Tanqueray 10 Gin

Butterfly pea flowers are responsible for giving the Garden of Gypsies its signature bluish-purple color. It has a light earthy taste, similar to green tea, and is commonly added to drinks like tea and lemonade to give it an indigo hue. 

Native to Southeast Asia, the butterfly pea flower is a tropical plant commonly used in Thai and Malaysian cuisine. They are high in antioxidants and bioflavonoids, which may have health benefits such as improving skin, hair growth, and eyesight. There are also studies looking at the herb’s positive effects on the brain and various systems of the body. 

Tanqueray 10 Gin may sound more familiar. This top-shelf gin has traditional juniper flavors that are elevated by strong notes of lime and pink grapefruit. It has subtle undertones of coriander, licorice, and chamomile that give it an earthy taste. Overall, this gin works great in a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks and is a favorite among gin-fans and bartenders alike.

When dried butterfly pea flowers are infused with Tanqueray 10 Gin, the result is an exotic-colored drink straight out of a fairy tale. The herb infusion does not affect the original taste or flavor of the liquor. 


Like absinthe, genepy is a light-green colored liqueur made from the flowers of three species of wormwoods, white genepi, black genepi, and yellow genepi. These are mountain herbs typically found in the Alps. 

Genepy has a balsam smell and tastes like fresh pine. It is made by soaking the dried flowers in alcohol for days. Typically, it is enjoyed on its own at the end of a meal as a digestive liqueur. 

Mushroom Reduction

Mushrooms have a range of flavors depending on their type. Shiitake mushrooms are a frequently added cocktail ingredient and have a rich, buttery flavor to them. Chanterelles are also highly coveted in the mixology world for their spice and fruity notes. 

Mushrooms are added to cocktails in a variety of ways. Similar to the butterfly pea flower infusion of Garden of Gypsies, mushrooms can also be infused in different types of alcohols such as bourbon, gin, and whisky for a more subtle mushroom flavor. 

Garden of Gypsies lists a mushroom reduction on their menu rather than as a garnish or sugar. A reduction is typically a rich sauce that involves cooking mushrooms down in broth or wine to pull out the intense mushroom flavors. 


Jicama is a root vegetable that has its origins in Mexico and is also commonly referred to as a Mexican potato or a Mexican water chestnut. 

Jicama has a sweet and nutty flavor combo that is often described as a cross between a potato and pear or apple. The juice has a certain funk that, in the Garden of Gypsies, compliments and enhances the earthy funk from the mushroom reduction.  

Celery Root

When it comes to the taste of this cocktail, the bright, crisp flavor of celery root pairs well with the citrusy vibes of the gin and the herbal notes from the butterfly pea flower. The cool texture provides a much-needed balance to the heavier, earthy flavors in the Garden of Gypsies. 


The citrus of the lemon pairs well with the citrusy flavor of the Tanqueray 10 Gin and offers a sharp zing to this savory cocktail. It is also a common cocktail garnish. However, in this particular cocktail, lemon has a secret superpower. 

When added to the blue-colored, butterfly pea flower-infused gin, the acid in the lemon alters the pH of the dyed-gin and changes the drink to a vivid purple color. 

About 36 Below

Built by Arizona natives, 36 Below is a modern Scottsdale speakeasy hidden below Sip Coffee and Beer Garage. Here, patrons can enjoy unique cocktails and delightful food options, all the while indulging their senses in the establishment’s decadent, almost magical lounge-like atmosphere. 

Their name derives from the 36th verse in Genesis 2:5 from the bible. This chapter details the Christian creation story. The 36th verse describes a beautiful world full of plant life that was missing elements of rain and someone to tend to it. 

The mixologists at 36 Below are known for combining craft liquors, intriguing mixers, and fresh ingredients into unbelievably delicious cocktails that will figuratively blow your mind. 

Try Garden of Gypsies In Person

Garden of Gypsies is a must-try drink for both the cocktail and mushroom-flavor enthusiast. Not only is it one of the prettiest cocktails we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing, but it also has a truly one-of-a-kind flavor profile that will delight and intrigue until the very last sip. 

Visit their website to peruse the menu and learn more about this immersive cocktail bar, or head down to their space located at 3620 E Indian Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018 to experience it for yourself.