Head to 36 Below to Experience One of the Best Phoenix Cocktail Lounges

Everyone could use a night out right about now. To have a truly special evening, head to 36 Below Phoenix’s most intriguing new cocktail lounge. 

Experience one of the best cocktail bars downtown Phoenix has to offer at 36 Below by making a reservation now. Enter the speakeasy-inspired oasis below Sip Coffee and Beer Garage for an immersive and outstanding evening out. 

You don’t go to 36 Below because you would like a drink – you go to this modern cocktail lounge because you want an experience. 

A Destination Bar

Downtown Phoenix offers a huge array of party spots and clubs throughout the city. There are loud clubs, laidback dives with games, and of course, high-end speakeasies. Sipping cocktails in exclusive and somewhat hidden places is just objectively more fun. 

A Perfect Evening

36 Below isn’t the only hidden cocktail lounge, but with its off-the-repeatedly-trodden path location, it’s the most authentic and well-appointed. 

It’s near some of Phoenix’s more popular pubs and eateries but not right in the middle of the tourist-laden main thoroughfare. Have your dinner, then head over to 36 Below for the rest of the evening or go for an intimate last call to close out your night. 

The space is elegant, airy, and small. While you’re there, your time is for you – there’s no crowd moving through the space. It’s made to be drunk in and explored. The decor is a feast for the eyes just as much as the complex drink presentations are. 

The clever and sophisticated cocktail menu makes each sip something to savor. The limited capacity means you won’t have to compete with other patrons for service. Instead, focus on who you’re with or use the intimate atmosphere to make new friends. 

Two Bars in One

36 Below and Sip are two of the best cocktail bars in Phoenix in one location. While the underground craft cocktail bar offers the enhanced speakeasy experience, you can take your drink upstairs to Sip for a totally different vibe whenever you’re ready to move on. 

If you’re looking for Phoenix cocktail bars, then 36 Below is your ultimate destination. Come for the innovative menu but stay for the unique ambiance. 

The Modern Martini

Owners visualized 36 Below as a modern Martini lounge. Reinvented and reimagined, this craft cocktail bar in Phoenix gives you updated takes on the classic, unlike anything you’ve tried before. 

With a menu created by cocktail expert Sheldon Wiley, these Martinis have more personality than “dirty” or “shaken.” Leaning hard on molecular mixology inspired by the elements, every drink on the menu has something that you are unlikely to find in other Phoenix bars.  

It’s the ultimate gateway drink – a martini at 36 Below will open you up to have every martini 36 Below makes. 

A New Experience Every Visit

Each drink on the extensive and detailed menu is meant to be savored. Subtle and unique flavor profiles are used to indulge every sense and leave you wanting more. 

Drink Me

Even though 36 Below is billed as a Martini bar, that doesn’t mean you should only expect gin or vodka-based drinks. The artisanal cocktails at 36 Below use every kind of alcohol and a huge mix of unique flavors to create a stunning craft cocktail experience. You’ll find gin, rye, tequila, rum, and more on the menu

The Garden of the Gypsies is a mushroom cocktail that will blow your mind. Served in a presentation that’s a feast for the eyes and sets high expectations of what’s to come, the mushroom drink doesn’t disappoint. 

This earthy drink has notes that will make you think of fresh morning dew and moss-covered trees. Surprise tastes of freshly squeezed lemon, nutty jicama, and floral gin cut the earthiness. 

Purity and Grace is a mezcal drink that’ll set you up for the rest of the evening. The pure flavors of the spirits come through in this cocktail with very little interference from mixers. Tequila and Mezcal both require agave in their production, and the Agave-based bitters only help amplify rather than obscure their flavors. The sweet vermouth has graceful notes of vanilla and caramel to complete the complex flavor. 

Fantastic Mocktails

On a refreshing note, 36 Below puts as much care and craft into their mocktails as they do their impressive cocktails. Here, sobriety isn’t a reason to deny yourself a special night out at Phoenix’s most creative cocktail lounge.  

For the sober and the designated drivers out there, 36 Below prepares extremely thoughtful mocktails. Instead of simply ordering a virgin version of an alcoholic drink, try something meant to be tasted without alcoholic flavoring. 

For example, the Grove is a mocktail that offers a refreshing array of sweet and zesty flavors designed to perk you up and delight your taste buds. 

The Pink Lady is reminiscent of a fanciful Italian soda. Its bright hues, raspberry puree base, and grapefruit and lemon juices keep it interesting. The rose sugar and pure cane keep it from getting too tart. 

The Menu Keeps Growing

You can’t go to 36 Below just one time – you need to taste everything the menu has to offer. Plan what you want to taste next, or ask your mixologist when you arrive at your seats. You’ll be delightfully surprised every visit. 

A Cocktails Special Occasion in Phoenix AZ

Consider 36 Below a treat to yourself. 

Put on that thing you’ve been saving for a special occasion – a night at 36 Below is the occasion. The upscale lounge is made for sitting and taking in the surroundings, and in this intimate space, you’re a part of those surroundings. So make sure you stand out.

Make a Reservation

Because of its limited capacity, it’s ideal to go to 36 Below with a reservation. Each reservation is for a 90-minute experience. And because space is limited, 36 Below only allows up to 5 guests max for a single reservation. 

This ensures your time there is blissful and unhurried and that you can get a seat with no waiting. You can easily plan your visit now