‘All good journeys start with a leap into the unknown’

- Paul Theroux

Like most good things in life we are not easily accessible. ‘All good journeys start with a leap into the unknown’ Paul Theroux said, and we couldn’t agree more.

36 Below is the brainchild of Arizona-natives Josh Katz, and Sheldon Wiley and Arizona transplant Moe Murillo. Serial entrepreneurs and longtime fans of the mythos of molecular mixology, together they envisioned a modern speakeasy in Scottsdale where Arizonians and visitors could leave their inhibitions behind a secret door—an innuendo to prohibition days past, hidden 12 steps below Sip Coffee and Beer Garage

This spurred the
creation of 36 Below,

Arizona’s first Walipini inspired speakeasy lounge, drawing inspiration for its name from the 36th verse in Genesis 2:5 which details the creation story and the numerology meaning behind the number.

Setting the stage for the arrival of man, the 36th verse of the story of creation describes a fertile world in which no shrubs or small plants of the field had yet sprung up because two essential elements were missing: rain and someone to nurture the garden.

A symbol for cultivating the seedling idea that had sprung when chance and fate collided and the the space underneath our existing concept Sip Coffee and Beer Garage became available. Divine timing and steadfast determination grew our inspiration for 36 Below into another special concept.

36 Below became our opportunity to weave in the symbolism of the number and its origins in the trinity in our own unique way. The trinity at 36 Below pays homage to decadent drinks, homage to transcendent and elevated experiences, and homage to feast worthy food.


Indulge your senses.
Escape reality.
Forget your problems.
Transport yourself.

This is a chance to dress up, to bring your friends—and make new ones, to lose yourself for a few hours. With no rules or clocks or curfews, this is where you dare—to start a conversation, to unwind, to indulge, to create memories, and to engage your senses. All of them.