Why 36 Below Is One of the Top Bars in Phoenix

If you’re looking for a bespoke cocktail experience, then you’ve come to the right place. The newest upscale lounge that is being called one of the best bars in Phoenix is called 36 Below.

Located off the main thoroughfare, 36 Below feels like Arizona’s most exclusive bar. You won’t be caught up in long lines or pushy patrons in an overpacked space. 

Here, you can treat yourself to a fully immersive Phoenix speakeasy experience. The owners are true mixology fanatics, and it shows.

Between the high-end interior, secret entrance (as a nod to speakeasies past), and outstanding craft cocktails 36 Below is a hidden gem and one of the top bars in Phoenix.

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A Stand Out

Phoenix has plenty of party hubs throughout the metropolitan area. There are high-end lounges, boozy nightclubs, and beer drinker’s havens. 

What you won’t find anywhere else are the clever and sophisticated cocktails of 36 Below or the stimulating decor. 

This modern martini bar has no peer in the area. The bartenders here craft drinks with time and care, and the flavors are complex and enticing. This isn’t the place you go when you want “a bar”—this is one of your destinations for the evening. 

Location, Location, Location!

Hidden just steps below Sip Coffee and Beer Garage, you’ll find 36 Below, a secret cocktail oasis amongst the beer-centric neighborhood. 

Take a turn away from the busier sections of Phoenix to get away from it all for a few hours—without being a hermit. The bar 36 Below offers a true lounge setting with the best craft cocktails in phoenix. Make a reservation and enjoy them in style. 

You won’t be far from any other location you want to try, and this bar is a private party all its own. 

Stay for a drink or two before venturing back into the fray, or come in late to end a perfect night out. 

An Immersive Experience

Lavish decor awaits at the bottom of the Sip Coffee and Beer Garage staircase. An elegant space designed by House of Form staunchly contrasts the entrance through the former garage. 

To enter 36 Below is to enter an entirely different realm. Stepping through the secret door and into the intimate Rose Garden lies a room laden with marble and eccentricity. It’s perfect for larger gatherings and groups of up to 15 people.

Filled with old-school glamour and contemporary creativity, you’ll discover things to enjoy on every visit. This is why 36 Below is being heralded as the best Phoenix bar. 


The speakeasy lounge 36 Below is the first one in Arizona inspired in a walipini. The inspiration for the number comes from the 36th verse in Genesis 2:5.  

This verse talks about a land that, even though it was fertile, had no vegetation. It needed rain and someone to take care of the plants. 

Using this idea and concept as a starting point, the owners wanted their clients to experience decadent drinks, out-of-this-world experiences, and heavenly food.

Artisanal Drinks

Complex and prepared to perfection, be prepared for an adventure in craft cocktails. 

The mixologists behind 36 Below’s drink menu know the meaning of the term craft cocktail. True craft, artisan cocktails use the freshest ingredients with the most creative combinations to unleash a unique and clever array of flavors. This is what you’ll find here.

Josh Katz and Sheldon Wiley, both from Arizona, and Moe Murillo, are the ones responsible for the conception of 36 Below. 

They are professional entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of molecular mixology. Therefore, they had to somehow add this speciality to their newest creation. They’ve crafted drinks that take on all the elements—foam, fire, smoke, and more—to bring you a tasty and unforgettable experience. 

Only fresh, intense ingredients are used in the making of a true craft cocktail. No preservatives, mixes, or powders are found at 36 Below. The drinks here are crafted with care and enthusiasm by dedicated bartenders. 

Be prepared for a specialty cocktail that engages your senses, or order an updated take on your favorite classic to enjoy with new appreciation. You’ll be left satisfied and wanting more. 

Limited Capacity

You can reserve your spot at 36 Below and enjoy your cocktails untroubled by an overly crowded bar. The space can fit at most 50 (though this is subject to change with current pandemic safety standards) for an intimate feel.  

Each reservation is limited to 90 minutes, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself and never have to worry about slow service—the whole time is for you. When it’s time to go, you won’t be ushered out. You can continue sipping your drink on the upper floors. 

At 36 Below you’ll feel far removed from the corporate streets of the city even as you’re in the thick of it all. 

Best Time to Visit

You can make a reservation to visit 36 Below whenever you like. With a booking, you’ll be able to walk in with no line and no waiting. Come for a relaxing nightcap or to kick off your epic night in style. 

You can enjoy 36 Below with a group or book a seat at the bar and make new friends. Every visit you’ll find something different to explore so come as many times as you want.

You can book your own table to plan the rest of your night while you pregame on delicious cocktails and small bites. Come in for a treat after work, or book your spot as the finale to a grand night out. 

A reservation is just a click away, and anytime is a good time to go to 36 Below, one of the top bars in Old town Phoenix. Plan your visit now.